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Steel Rack Drawers -

  • Available in both 14" and 18" depth, and from 2-6 spaces in height

  • Drawers are black powder coated and feature a key lock and slam lock latch

  • Fully enclosed


Rack Shelves & Clamping Kits

  • 2 and 3 space rack shelves can be ordered with padded clamps to firmly hold CD decks and other equipment otherwise not rack mountable, in place.

Vent Panels & Blank Panels

  • From 1 to 4 spaces

  • Black powder coat

Rack Rail

  • Now offer rack rails by the pair, cut to your required length.

  • Price is $2 per rack space (pair).

  • Rack screws and mounting bolts are available at nominal cost.

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We can provide you with everything from replacement parts to complete hardware packages for case construction. Too many items to list so the following is a partial listing.



  • Recessed twist (butterfly latches in small, medium and large sizes

  • Key lock or pad lockable versions are available


Corner Protectors

  • Ball corner protectors

  • Flat corner protectors

  • Stacking corner protectors

  •  All sizes

Aluminum Extrusions

  • Angle or tongue and groove. Sold in 6 foot lengths.



  • Recessed

  • Surface mount

  • Retractable/pull out extension handles

  • Variety of sizes


Male Edison Plugs


Jack Dishes


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